Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy

Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy 1.0

The 7th exciting chapter in Ultima Online™'s rich and storied history
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Seven ages ago, the multiverse of Ultima Online™ was created when the wizard Mondain shattered the Gem of Immortality. In each shard of the crystal, a version of Sosaria lived on, seemingly undamaged and unaffected. Life continued on…
But Mondain’s Legacy was more than just a shattering of immortality. The damage to the fabric of creation was deeper than anyone knew. Today, we see the signs of decay and corruption, tainting the once pure world of Sosaria…
To fend off that evil, to make right what has grown wrong, the protectors of Sosaria have returned, an ancient race, long ago forgotten and faded into myth…the Elves of Sosaria.
Ultima Online™: Mondain's Legacy includes groundbreaking new features, including: New Playable Race: Elves; new Human Racial Abilities; collections, new Quest System; new Crafting Additions; new Spellweaving Skill; new Dungeons; twisted New Enemies; new Deadly Weapons; fantastic Elvin Inspired House Tiles, plus increased Storage Capacity, House Pets, and Other Goodies.

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